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Brand Designer, Chamayne Reid, is a creative expert passionate about creating content that helps entrepreneurs electrify their brand. As founder of The Mayne Chic Creative Branding Agency, she is better known as Mayne. She believes that the secret to a successful brand is curating a vibe that clients easily connect with. Chamayne delights in providing creative direction and creating bold, results-driven graphic designs that compel any audience to respond. From brand design to social media management, Mayne has the solutions to elevate your brand and make passing the vibe check effortless. 


Creating jewelry and art throughout her childhood was simply a hobby until Chamayne’s eye for style and design landed her an opportunity to create and sell art for the Fulton County Art Council. This gift took her even further, as she studied commercial photography at Gwinnett Technical College and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Media Studies from Southern New Hampshire University. When Chamayne realized that her corporate career smothered the creative in her, she decided to transition from offering photography services part-time to go full force and mold her creative talents into a career. This transition birthed The Mayne Chic brand and created opportunities for her to work with other major brands, such as BET, Migos, Bombshell by Bleu Magazine, TVOne, and Kesha Ward.


Although The Mayne Chic brand was birthed through Chamayne’s career as a photographer, The Mayne Chic as we know it today developed after she was exposed to graphic design in a photography class. She immediately knew that graphic design was her niche and shifted to focus on creating digital content to help businesses establish their online presence. In recent years, social media has created a new avenue for the creative to express her talent. She did not have plans to enter the realm of social media management, but when a client requested her services, she pursued certification and discovered a new gift that drastically increased engagement and led to a thirty-thousand follower increase for her client. Chamayne’s services have become an asset to many businesses, as she has conducted her “Creating Content that Converts” course for the South Fulton Chamber of commerce, designed websites for top stylists in Atlanta, and managed social media for clients from the East Coast to the West Coast. 


Chamayne delights in creating an attention-grabbing online presence for beauty, fitness, health, and other professional brands. Throughout years of exploring her passions, she has found a unique love for helping women start businesses and establish brands that express their bold and sassy personalities. She is currently building a course to teach business owners, especially women, to establish their brand’s creative identity and create simple designs for themselves. She desires to give back to the industry that has molded her by teaching design to upcoming creatives at her personal firm and on the collegiate level. With a special ability to immerse herself into each brand that she serves and a fiery passion for taking visions from idea to digital reality, Chamayne Reid’s creative consulting is your key to unlock the door of brand elevation. For more on Chamayne and her productions, connect with her on social media: Instagram @themaynexchic and Facebook @themaynechic.