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Branding & Design Expert Chamayne Reid is the passionate creative behind The Mayne Chic design agency and Atlanta’s no.1 Print Shop, Peach City Customs. Better known as Mayne, this boss wife and mom has devoted her content development and design skills to helping women-led brands nail their content strategy. From hit networks to household names, Mayne is notorious for the creative direction and bold graphics that leave lasting impressions and results. With a remarkable ability to immerse herself in each brand she serves and a fiery passion for turning visions into digital reality, Mayne has built her legacy on brand elevation. Whether you need a logo or a tailored online experience, Mayne is your best advocate, helping you nurture your brand just as you do your home. 

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The Mayne Chic formed after Mayne found and fell in love with graphic design in a photography class. Soon after, she shifted her focus from being behind the lens to create an agency that designs vibrant websites, logos and social media content. After getting certified in social media management, she led a campaign resulting in 30,000+ new followers for one of her first clients. It wasn’t long before her roster expanded nationally to include top Atlanta stylists, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, BET, Migos, Bombshell by Bleu Magazine, TVOne, and Kesha Ward — just to name a few. In 2020, Mayne and her husband desired a fresh start and launched Peach City Customs at the height of the pandemic. Today, their print shop is a thriving full-service solution for the metro area. Still, Mayne has found the most fulfillment in helping women small business owners navigate the challenges of brand and family, with a goal to open more doors for gender equality and equitable opportunities for her sisters.

Mayne continues to give back to the industry that has molded her by teaching branding and design to women business owners and upcoming creatives. Likewise, she is still just as committed to self-development. Mayne is an alumnus of the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program. She holds a Women's Entrepreneurship certification from Cornell University, and a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Media Studies from Southern New Hampshire University. When Mayne isn’t branding, she’s filling print shop orders with her husband and spending quality time with her son, Dash. 

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