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What does it take to be a Mayne Chic?

Our founder is about to show you! 


After years of collaborating with the top business minds and elevating numerous women-led brands, Mayne is opening doors to her first training program. Up-and-coming designers and business professionals like you will get unlimited access to Mayne’s insights and strategies for mastering your design style and growing your client roster.


This academy is for you if you want to learn how to: 


  1. Work with clients to establish a unique design

  2. Organize and stretch your creative process

  3. Maximize the latest design tools and tricks

  4. Build a successful business or career in design 


You can learn the leading design practices and tools from

The Mayne Chic herself starting Jan 8, 2023.

Sign up for alerts and announcements for when doors open here.

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